Step 1: Write down the 14-digit Wi-Fi Key

The factory default Wi-Fi Key is found on bottom of MX Wi-Fi, is lowercase and includes periods.

MXWF bottom label

Step 2: Download and install the OBDLink app from the App Store

Visit the OBDLink app page in the App Store.

Note: The OBDLink app can be installed on each of your iOS devices. The OBDLink app works exclusively with OBDLink brand adapters.

Step 3: Locate the OBD-II diagnostic connector in your vehicle

The diagnostic connector is always located in or near the interior dashboard of your vehicle. The diagnostic connector will usually be exposed, but sometimes it's hidden under a decorative plastic cover, or behind an ashtray or coin tray. The most common location is below the steering column, just below the driver's dash area.

DLC icon

Step 4: Plug MX Wi-Fi into the diagnostic link connector (DLC)

Don't use excessive force, but make sure it fits snugly.

OBDLink MX Bluetooth is used in the above video, but the process is the same for all OBDLink devices.

Step 5: Turn ignition key to Key On, Engine Off position

On some vehicles the 'ON' position is marked with the Roman numeral 'II'. If there are no markings, turn the key clockwise and stop just short of starting the engine.


Once plugged in, the 'Power' LED will turn solid green.

For Wi-Fi models, the white 'Wi-Fi' light will emit a flash every 3 seconds.

If all LEDs are off, check the cigarette lighter/auxiliary power port fuse.

Step 6: Open iOS 'Settings' App, and enable 'Wi-Fi'

Turn Wi-Fi on

Step 7: Select 'OBDLink MX' from the list of available networks

Choose obdlink mx network

Step 8: Enter the Wi-Fi Key from Step #2 in the 'Password' field, and tap 'Join'

Enter password

Note: A checkmark next to ‘OBDLink MX’ indicates a successful connection. Remember that the Password is lowercase and includes periods.

Wi-Fi connected

Note: The 'Wi-Fi' LED will change to a slow blink.

Step 9: Connecting to your vehicle

Open the OBDLink app. To establish the link between the app and your vehicle, tap the 'Connect' button on the main menu:

OBDLink app main screen

The app will now establish a connection with MX Wi-Fi and detect which OBD-II protocol your vehicle uses. Once the connection is established, the 'Wi-Fi' LED will turn on solid. Tap 'Diagnostics' to start a scan.

Wi-Fi lights all on