Troubleshooting Guide

OBDLink® MX Wi-Fi: Known Issues and Solutions

If you’re experiencing problems with your unit, try this first:

    • Follow the step-by-step instructions in the Quick Start Guide
    • Unplug MX, and plug it back in (push it in, as far as it will go)
    • Turn your phone’s Wi-Fi off, then on again
    • Make sure the ‘Power’ LED is ON
    • Reset MX to factory defaults
    • Start the engine

  • Make sure MX is within range (20-30 ft)

If you don’t find a solution below, check out the MX Wi-Fi Support Board

MX never turns off

By default, MX is configured to turn off automatically, after 2 hours of inactivity. In this Sleep mode, the ‘Power’ LED flashes briefly, once every 3 seconds.


Note that MX also wakes up automatically, when it senses an electrical disturbance: for example, when you press the “unlock” button on your car remote or open the door. When it wakes up, the ‘Power’ LED will turn on solid:


If you notice that MX does not go to sleep after 2 hours, there may be a problem.

Possible causes: observation bias, incorrect settings, phone/tablet attempting connection


    • To check the status without waking up, make sure the LEDs are visible from outside the vehicle (e.g., use a strategically placed mirror)
    • Reset MX to factory defaults

  • Verify that the phone/tablet is not attempting to re-establish connection with MX. Make sure the phone/tablet is connected to your home Wi-Fi network, or turn off Wi-Fi

All LEDs are off

Possible causes: loose connection, no power at the OBD port


    • Unplug MX, and plug it back in (push it in, as far as it will go)

  • Turn the key to the Key ON, Engine OFF position (some cars do not supply power to the OBD port when ignition is in the “OFF” position)
  • Check the OBD port fuse, and the cigarette lighter fuse

OBDLink® MX does not show up in available WiFi networks

Possible causes: accidental button press, unit configured for infrastructure mode


    • Power cycle MX

Unable to associate with OBDLink® MX

Possible causes: accidental button press, firmware glitch


    • Power cycle MX, or

  • Hold the multi-function button, wait for the ‘Power’ LED to blink exactly 3 times, then release the button to return MX to normal mode

OBDLink® MX will not accept the WiFi key

Possible causes: key entered incorrectly, firmware glitch


    • Double-check and re-enter key

App does not connect to OBDLink® MX

Possible causes: not associated with MX, firmware glitch


    • Power cycle MX
    • Force close/restart the app
    • Reset the Wi-Fi adapter of the host device (turn off Wi-Fi, then turn it back on)

  • Reset MX to factory defaults
  • “Forget” and re-join the OBDLink MX network
  • In the OBDLink® app settings, change Device to “Custom”. Verify IP address is, and Port is 35000

App connects to OBDLink® MX, but fails to connect to the vehicle

Possible causes: ignition is off, vehicle is not OBD-II compliant


    • Turn the ignition to Key ON, Engine OFF position

Intermittent Connection

Possible causes: vibration, “dirty” vehicle power, out of Wi-Fi range, host device automatically connecting to different Wi-Fi network, firmware glitch


    • Plug/unplug OBDLink a few times, to remove oxidation from OBD port pins
    • Make sure OBDLink is properly seated on the OBD connector (push it in, as far as it will go)
    • Move the phone/tablet closer to MX, or use an OBD extension cable to place MX on the dashboard


    • Go to Wi-Fi > Settings > Advanced
    • Disable the following, if present:
        • “Check for Internet service”
        • “Auto network switch”
        • “Smart Mode”
        • “Avoid poor connection”

      • “Sprint Connections Optimizer” — Settings > More Settings > Mobile Networks > Connections Optimizer > Uncheck “Sprint Connections Optimizer”

Multiple MX units with same SSID

Cause: if you have two or more MXs in close proximity of each other, your phone/tablet does not have a way to determine which one it was originally associated with


Still experiencing issues?

Check out the MX Wi-Fi Support Board