About Us

Founded by American engineers with a passion for excellence, OBDLink is a driving force in the personal OBD scan tool market. Our product line continues to evolve and improve as we strive to give our customers the best value and highest quality possible.

We believe our customers deserve maximum utility from our tools, so we never charge a subscription or lock out third-party apps. In fact, we work closely with app developers to make sure we are bringing the most to the automotive community. 

Engineering Department

All of our hardware is proudly designed in America by American engineers. We even design our own chips for the highest possible performance and reliability. Many competing tools use cloned chips, or imitations of our tools. We cut no corners to bring our customers the very best adapters available. 

OBDLink stands behind our tools with a 3-year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and our American-based support team is here to help.