• Plug-and-play design
  • Maximum vehicle coverage
  • Custom-Designed for use with FORScan
  • Electronic Switch allows access to all CAN buses simultaneously
  • Maximum Throughput -up to 20 times faster than “toggle switch” adapters
  • Rock-Solid connection avoids data corruption and dropped packets

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  • Custom-Designed for FORScan
    OBDLink EX is recommended by the FORScan team
  • Dealership-level Diganostics
    OBDLink EX supports all Ford protocols, modules, and advanced features of FORScan
  • Electronic Switching
    Electronic switch allows FORScan to access all CAN buses simultaneously and enables advanced functions not possible with “toggle switch” adapters
  • Maximum Throughput
    Up to 20 times faster than “toggle switch” adapters
  • Rock-Solid Connection
    Avoids data corruption and dropped packets
  • Maximum Vehicle Coverage
    Proprietary connection algorithm enables EX to connect to more OBD-compliant makes & models than any other scan tool (How do I know whether my vehicle is OBD-II compliant?)
  • World’s Fastest USB OBD adapter
    Enjoy smoother graphs and real-time gauges
  • 24 Volt Compatible
    Safe to use on 12V or 24V systems
  • Read & Clear Check Engine light
    Check diagnostic codes yourself and make confident, informed repair decisions.
  • BatterySaver™ Technology
    Plug it in, leave it in — without the danger of draining your vehicle’s battery. Fully automatic sleep and wake-up: does not require switches or manual button presses!
  • Expand Your Dashboard
    Display auxiliary real-time gauges directly on your PC screen
  • Free Windows Diagnostic software
    OBDwiz is included with your purchase, free of charge!
  • Free Updates
    Download the latest firmware & software to get new features and keep your adapter up to date
  • Peace of Mind
    Covered by our 3-year warranty & 90-day money-back guarantee